Cytoplastik at FAM 12/30

Join us on 12/30 for the 10th Annualish Cytoplastik Extravaganza!


2 decades in the making…

Thee Cytoplastik multimedia shenanigans collective re-assembles after a couple years’ slacking to bring both sides of the continent back together again for thee latest ultimate apocalyptic celebration, an audio-visual feast of creative clairvoyance…!!

an experimental electronic space jazz dance art happening, we bring you our freshest fruits of audio innovation, paired with the choicest selection of visual stimulations, to produce an immersive, ecstatic psychedelic environment, stimulating of gyrations and harmonics physical, mental, and spiritual, towards manifesting a future worthy of all our wildest dreams and endeavors.

conducting us along this trip are:


The Megadrives
as allways kicking the freshest electrons live through an old school conscious style…!!


The Intergalactic Council of the Intergon
From outer space, and with ALL three members! DJ Peter Jennings is joining us all the way from California! Not since 2007 has the full Intergon played in Baltimore.


Deb Mattoso Photography

Theory of Everything
new, full jazz band, with singer and horn section, and long-time Cytoplastician Lyle John Saunders holding down the bass!

Kove [album release?]
(members No Dancing) deep space-witch invocations and improvisations, spooky electrons dance through rythm and space, with heart-beat.

veritech pilot.jpg

Veritech Pilot
fresh off the “boat” from Iceland, Keith Preston returns with the juiciest electronic beats we know and love…!!


Xiphoid Process
Justin Miller (Kove) and RyanSmith Thoth get darker experimental noise ambient…..D

Space Bear
a new arrangement of members of The Megadrives, Kove, and the incomparably prolific Mike Franklin, bring us a new breed of electro-acoustic psychedelic IDM ambience…..)

as well as video from Jeremy Opio and VJ Romulus (Kevin Morris)

…and oh so much more, interactive arts and crafts, libations, merriment, additional details forthcoming, but save the date today, FRIday, the night BEFORE New Year’s Eve…..D

Care Packages for the Homeless Brunch Potluck

This Sunday, 12/11 at 11 AM, join us for a Brunch Potluck while we stuff care packages for the homeless. Bring a breakfast item or drink to share!

We have successfully collected many items so far this month, and need to put them into bags we can distribute to needy folks ASAP! If you can’t stay to stuff bags, feel free to drop by between 11 AM and 2 PM to drop off more donation items. These include:

** fruit juice or water
** healthy snacks
Squeeze Apple Sauce, Pudding and spoon, chewy granola bars)
** socks (new)
** wet wipes
** tissues
** chapstick
** sunscreen
** lotion
** Notes of encouragement/love
** tampon
** hand/toe warmers
** Bags (Zip locs, backpacks, etc.) or Reusable Shopping Bags
** flashlight/headlamp
** toothpaste
** toothbrush
** deodorant
** Soap
**bandaids (large for blisters)
**washcloths (new)
**Coats, Scarves, Gloves, Winter caps, blankets
***ITEMS NOT TO DONATE and will NOT be used are: hand sanitizer, mouthwash, or anything else with alcohol in it

If you’re unable to stop by this Sunday, join us next Sunday, 12/18 from 10 AM- 3 PM for Firehouse Arts & Music’s Holiday Flea Market (free admission). That will be the last time possible to donate items for this drive.


Much Love and Many Thanks from our FAMily ❤

Feather Woman Premiere this Friday

11/4/16 – Feather Woman Premiere at Firehouse Arts & Music

Feather Woman” is both music video and short film, its series of vignettes and tableaus depicting scenes that reach from antiquity to modernity, all crystallizing around the theme of time and death and their affect on one’s love. Voodoo Pharmacology plays out a sonorous musical illustration whose lyrics narrate a longing for transformation.

Filmed in the context of both vast landscapes and intimate spaces, the sensitive cinematography creates a visually enchanting, fantastic realm, that reaching out conducts the viewer through a celebration of the elements.

the premiere will feature the musical performances of:
Voodoo Pharmacology
A Path Untold

Jeremy Opio

bellydancer Farida Shourbaji

performance art by
Heather joi and Erik Yount

this event is graciously hosted by the Firehouse Arts & Music team

advance tickets available online:

advance tickets 6$
and 8$ at the door