FAM with Fractal Cat 2/25 in Mt. Vernon

Please join us for a night of Art, Music, Dance performance and more at Ryleigh’s Oyster in Mt. Vernon on 2/25!

1225 Cathedral St. Baltimore, MD

Doors at 8pm
$5-$10 donation at the door

*Featuring an Art talk by Will Shanklin of the Baltimore Art Monkeys, Inc.


*Musical performance by Fractal Cat


*Members of Telesma

(tribute performance for John Suntiger including video content by Suntiger Visuals and choreographed dance by Lindsey Golden)



* Theory of Everything


*Local artists including:
Richard Best, Dave Nyquist, Alyse Firefly, Sophie Spinklemorph Seth Milder & Scott Frias

*Hoop/ Flow Performance by Lisa Eibner


*Local vendors including:
Tree Frog Hot SauceCaitlin Harris & Hanged Man Arts



Care Packages for the Homeless Brunch Potluck

This Sunday, 12/11 at 11 AM, join us for a Brunch Potluck while we stuff care packages for the homeless. Bring a breakfast item or drink to share!

We have successfully collected many items so far this month, and need to put them into bags we can distribute to needy folks ASAP! If you can’t stay to stuff bags, feel free to drop by between 11 AM and 2 PM to drop off more donation items. These include:

** fruit juice or water
** healthy snacks
Squeeze Apple Sauce, Pudding and spoon, chewy granola bars)
** socks (new)
** wet wipes
** tissues
** chapstick
** sunscreen
** lotion
** Notes of encouragement/love
** tampon
** hand/toe warmers
** Bags (Zip locs, backpacks, etc.) or Reusable Shopping Bags
** flashlight/headlamp
** toothpaste
** toothbrush
** deodorant
** Soap
**bandaids (large for blisters)
**washcloths (new)
**Coats, Scarves, Gloves, Winter caps, blankets
***ITEMS NOT TO DONATE and will NOT be used are: hand sanitizer, mouthwash, or anything else with alcohol in it

If you’re unable to stop by this Sunday, join us next Sunday, 12/18 from 10 AM- 3 PM for Firehouse Arts & Music’s Holiday Flea Market (free admission). That will be the last time possible to donate items for this drive.


Much Love and Many Thanks from our FAMily ❤

Feather Woman Premiere this Friday

11/4/16 – Feather Woman Premiere at Firehouse Arts & Music

Feather Woman” is both music video and short film, its series of vignettes and tableaus depicting scenes that reach from antiquity to modernity, all crystallizing around the theme of time and death and their affect on one’s love. Voodoo Pharmacology plays out a sonorous musical illustration whose lyrics narrate a longing for transformation.

Filmed in the context of both vast landscapes and intimate spaces, the sensitive cinematography creates a visually enchanting, fantastic realm, that reaching out conducts the viewer through a celebration of the elements.

the premiere will feature the musical performances of:
Voodoo Pharmacology
A Path Untold

Jeremy Opio

bellydancer Farida Shourbaji

performance art by
Heather joi and Erik Yount

this event is graciously hosted by the Firehouse Arts & Music team

advance tickets available online:

advance tickets 6$
and 8$ at the door




Sounds of Spirit: Music for the Inner Journey at FAM 11/2 !

Sounds of Spirit is visiting us at FAM on 11/2 from 7-9. It’s a beautiful, transformative experience,–and so relaxing!

Make sure to reserve your spot ASAP, as space is limited: http://soundsofspiritmusic.com/upcoming-concerts/



“When a musician works with sound, it is as if he or she were placing an ear on the heart of nature. The musician perceives the will of nature and the cosmos and gives it back in a melody…

The art of healing is resonance between higher self and body. This resonance initiates recognition understanding, knowledge, restoration, recentering, and finally healing…
Love, music, and nature offer the most sublime and uplifting possibilities of resonance…to greater aspects of ourselves.”
-Fabien Maman

Participants are immersed in a deeply relaxing and transformative soundscape. This rich field of vibrations can act as a potent catalyst for:

-Stress relief
-Deep relaxation & centeredness
-Emotional release & clarity
-Physical pain relief & healing
-Chakra & energy system balancing/activation
-Personal insight, transcendental awareness, & spiritual connection

Using chant, overtone singing, didgeridoo, shamanic drumming, crystal singing bowls, shruti box, hang drum, flute, tambura, and other elemental textures, Jim Thomas (acupuncturist and musician), Paul Thomas (sound healer and musician), Pitz Quattrone (didgeridoo teacher, performer, and builder), and David Powell (musician) create together a powerful inner experience guided by sound and rhythm.


Firehouse Arts & Music
700 N. Eutaw Street 2nd Floor
Baltimore, MD 21201

Tickets: http://soundsofspiritmusic.com/upcoming-concerts/

More info: http://soundsofspiritmusic.com/

Participants are asked to bring something comfortable to lie on (i.e. thick cushion or blankets), a warm covering, and a pillow. Eye shades and a water bottle are recommended as well.

FAMtoberfest 10/21

A FAM variety show featuring diverse performances, food & beverages!

$10 Suggested Donation at the Door and Refreshments by donation! All proceeds go toward furnishing our space for our multi-disciplinary classes! Schedule Here.


At our space:  700 N. Eutaw Street 2nd Floor, Baltimore, MD 21201

Featured performers and artists include:


Brooks Long


James Von Lenz (of Voodoo Pharmacology)


 Asa Kurland (of Slow Lights)


 Rimi Basu (of Rimi Basu and the Shakti Collective)


 John Suntiger (Suntiger Visuals)


 Hunter Hooligan : https://soundcloud.com/hunterhooligan


 Archie Jamieson


& more T.B.A. ~

Beverages sponsored by: The Raven Beer


Food sponsored by: Joe Squared



FAM’s Preview Classes

Firehouse Arts & Music will be offering Two Days of $10 preview classes :



WEDNESDAY 9/21/16 :

4:30-5:30 All Levels Jiu Jitsu with John Emmet

6-7 – Introduction to Self Care with Shiatsu

7:30-8:30 – Introduction to Self Defense



THURSDAY 9/22/16 :

4:30-5:30 – Mixed level Dance Class with Lindsey Golden :
Partnering, technique, and composition – genre of dance is students’ choice including: contemporary, ballet, jazz, lyrical, dance/ cirque fusion



6-7 – All Levels Yoga with Aliyah Johnson



7:30-8:30 – Tao Te Drum Hand Drumming Class with Daveed Korup of Kids Drum Baltimore and Baltimore Drum Church



Opening Weekend at F.A.M. 9/23- 9/25

9/23 ~ Art & Music Show at F.A.M.


Live art and dance performance as well as performances by:

Orchester Prazevica (Gypsy Jazz)



Resistance is futile, this is Turbo Folk! High energy dance music drawing on the tradition of Eastern European Czardas and Gypsy Swing, but widely influenced by jazz and blues. Under the direction of Slovak born and raised guitarist and singer Tomáš Drgoň, this band delivers an honest, authentic and entertaining mix of folklore, jazz and dance music suitable for everything from upscale clubs to dives, jazz festivals to mosh pits, arts receptions to underground galleries. Orchester Praževica has performed at several prestigious stages including the Atlas Performing Arts Center in Washington DC, the Patterson Theater in Baltimore and the Drom in NYC. They have shared the stage with the Hungarian Gypsy folk supergroup Parno Graszt, the Romanian Gypsy brass legends Fanfare Ciocarlia, Boban and Marko Markovic Orchestra, and other greats on the “not so mainstream” music scene.

Theory of Everything (funk rock)


“Theory” is a new Baltimore band featuring bassist Lyle John Saunders, who performed at previous FAM events, and members: Aleka FarOut on vocals, Brian Shapiro on trumpet,  Andre Grant on trombone Will Crowther on guitar and Jason Cohen on drums.

Phil Celeste (R&B)


Phill Celeste practices musical alchemy, melting down a number of musical elements into a sound that is eclectic and varied, drawing from disco, funk, house, r&b, soul and jazz. Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, his special blend of sound has been described as dark, sexy and abstract: a unique and modern twist on sounds both classic and strange.

Lindsey Golden (Dance Performance)


Buy tickets ahead of time

700 N Eutaw Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

All Ages

$5-$15 Sliding Scale at the door.


9/24 ~ Baltimore Drum Church

FREE to Attend Donations Welcome

September 24 @ 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Drum Church is a live, group experience, where the drum serves as a vehicle to connect with the divine spirit that is inside each and everyone of us. Our Gatherings offer an opportunity to think, meditate or even pray in your own way, while riding a rhythm wave to awaken a spiritual connection. Drum church is not a “drum circle“, but a guided, communal drumming experience. All we ask is for you to bring your sense of wonderment and a drum. Chairs and drums will be made available, on a first come/first serve basis.



9/25 ~ FAM’s Open House and Flea Market

Join us for Firehouse Arts & Music’s Inaugural Open House!

Free Admission

Get class schedules and tour the new space:
700 N Eutaw Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

Come and meet FAM’s instructors in yoga, dance, martial arts, fine arts, music and much more!

Acoustic Music set by Asa Kurland of Slow Lights, Lonnie Jordan, Harpist, and Kevin M Gillespie~

Tarot by Farida Shourbaji~

If you would like to participate in this Flea Market, we are looking for:

-Gear (music, etc.)
-All art supplies still good to use!
-furniture, lights, house stuff
-Yoga or Dance equipment
-Misc. artifacts / antiques

Bartering is encouraged. Come with an open mind and heart to meet the FAMily!

MIMOSAS and other refreshments available by donation.