Care Packages for the Homeless Brunch Potluck

This Sunday, 12/11 at 11 AM, join us for a Brunch Potluck while we stuff care packages for the homeless. Bring a breakfast item or drink to share!

We have successfully collected many items so far this month, and need to put them into bags we can distribute to needy folks ASAP! If you can’t stay to stuff bags, feel free to drop by between 11 AM and 2 PM to drop off more donation items. These include:

** fruit juice or water
** healthy snacks
Squeeze Apple Sauce, Pudding and spoon, chewy granola bars)
** socks (new)
** wet wipes
** tissues
** chapstick
** sunscreen
** lotion
** Notes of encouragement/love
** tampon
** hand/toe warmers
** Bags (Zip locs, backpacks, etc.) or Reusable Shopping Bags
** flashlight/headlamp
** toothpaste
** toothbrush
** deodorant
** Soap
**bandaids (large for blisters)
**washcloths (new)
**Coats, Scarves, Gloves, Winter caps, blankets
***ITEMS NOT TO DONATE and will NOT be used are: hand sanitizer, mouthwash, or anything else with alcohol in it

If you’re unable to stop by this Sunday, join us next Sunday, 12/18 from 10 AM- 3 PM for Firehouse Arts & Music’s Holiday Flea Market (free admission). That will be the last time possible to donate items for this drive.


Much Love and Many Thanks from our FAMily ❤


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