Galactic Shamanic Sound Medicine with Honi Borden Wednesday at FAM



DATE: Wednesday Nov 16th
TIME: 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
WHERE: FIREHOUSE Art & Music: 700 N. Eutaw Street 2nd Floor, Baltimore, MD 21201
RSVP by email:

ALL of HoniB’s Classes and Workshops are based on your BLESSED and PRAYERD OVER DONATION to help support her CALLING in creating Temples of Divine On Earth as she goes back to Brazil end of the month meeting with the land owner. Thus, in full TRUST, HoniB invites you to donate what your TRUE HEART feels for this 2 hour session, considering all that it takes for her to travel internationally to get to a location and collaborate with a sacred space to bring forth an enriched experience for you & the community to help spread more LOVE and shift the energy of MONEY into Higher Consciousness).

*Yoga Mat
*Comfy clothes with a Shawl or Blanket
*Journal and Pen to write your experience
*Sacred object such as crystal, beads, feather….etc for community alter and cash for your LOVE DONATION
*No Children under age 16

Not for pregnant women.
Not for those that take anti-psychotic medication
Not for that have seizures.
Not for that have pacemaker in their Heart
******NO Stimuli is allowed during this experience (alcohol, drugs, plant medicine, canabis,……) Just need your PURE ENERGY with your CLEAN SACRED BREATH

PLEASE KINDLY RSVP via emailing me at so that I can include you in the email that will go out on Tuesday regarding the event. ♥ ♥ ♥ AH’O HoniB

Deep Relaxation, Inward Investigation & Dream Journey is a space that is hard to find in our modern society with all the artificial lights and noise plus all of our daily committments. Yet we each recognize the importance of rebalancing, and daily daily nourishment to honor our five bodies while setting the tone and vibration to Gaia’s Heart Beat and the Sound of Cosmos.

We are made from Sound and Light, thus, this is the reason that music has sound a profound experience on us. Primodial Sound is used in all indigenous culture as a way of connecting and communicating to the Higher Realms.

In this 2 hour class, you will learn the value and power of Shamanic Drumming that takes you on a trance connecting you to the Heart of your own Rhythmic Sound and to Mother Earth’s Pulse as well as Cosmic Heart, as well as with the spirit realm. The Sound Medicine Healing with specific Hz will reset your vibration tone as you lay down and embrace your inner sacred space to experience the healing that is in alingment for you and the good we can do together as a community after the Trance.


HoniB channels spirit guides and higher dimenstional star beings speaking in Light Language while playing her 14000 year medicine drum. You enter a deep shamanic trance state, where you connect with your guides, purge old trauma, and activate our dormant strands of DNA. You may feel huge waves of energy flowing in & out of your physical body & auric field and may have clear visions or visitations with your personal Spirit Guides & ancestors.

When HoniB hand made her Sacred Drum with her teacher who is from Wolf Clan Tradition of Cherokee Native American, during the Sacred Ceremony, as her drum was activated, Chief Little Bird and Chief Tall Feather also made themselves Known to her as Spirit Guides assisting her with her Planetary Work in balancing, clearning and healing of the land via her Drumming. She has been dedicated to allowing this medicine of 14000 years to be carried forth thru the power of the drum as individuals get to experience their fields clearning up and their chakras resetting and realigning while Angelic Team, Ascended Masters plus Spirit Guides and Spirit Animal support the way.


HoniB is a Galactic Shaman, Earth Keeper, Planetary Grid Worker & an Ascension Guide for Humanity back to Source. She guides individuals to their own Inner Light & SuperNatural Power Within. Honi first awoken to the presence of Divine Light within in the midst of a fatal car crash at the age of seven that eventually led to her first published inspirational children’s memoir called ‘The Day I Became a Superhero”. Later she had crossed over to spirit side from a death experience where he met the Ascended Masters that passed on knowledge of the ancients and sent her back to Earth to fulfill her Divine’s Calling. Both Nationally and Internationally recognized, Honi brings esoteric, mystical & ancient mastery in workshops & retreats assisting individuals to awken to their Inner Holy Temple & connection to Sacred Alchemy Knowledge In her private practice, Honi facilitates Shamanic Trance Drumming, Ancient Alchemy Dance, Sacred Mystery School Breath Work, Advanced Regressions & beyond , DNA Code Activations, Connection to Ascended Masters & Angelic Realm & the Art of Divine Tantric Alchemy. She has been featured at Hay House, I Can Do It Conference, 11:11 Talk Radio, Emmanuel Dagher’s Miracle Cafe, Angel Network Psychic Radio, News Channel 9, Organic Spa Magazine, Washingtonian Magazine and much more. To learn more, please visit her on her FB page:





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