Sounds of Spirit: Music for the Inner Journey at FAM 11/2 !

Sounds of Spirit is visiting us at FAM on 11/2 from 7-9. It’s a beautiful, transformative experience,–and so relaxing!

Make sure to reserve your spot ASAP, as space is limited:



“When a musician works with sound, it is as if he or she were placing an ear on the heart of nature. The musician perceives the will of nature and the cosmos and gives it back in a melody…

The art of healing is resonance between higher self and body. This resonance initiates recognition understanding, knowledge, restoration, recentering, and finally healing…
Love, music, and nature offer the most sublime and uplifting possibilities of resonance…to greater aspects of ourselves.”
-Fabien Maman

Participants are immersed in a deeply relaxing and transformative soundscape. This rich field of vibrations can act as a potent catalyst for:

-Stress relief
-Deep relaxation & centeredness
-Emotional release & clarity
-Physical pain relief & healing
-Chakra & energy system balancing/activation
-Personal insight, transcendental awareness, & spiritual connection

Using chant, overtone singing, didgeridoo, shamanic drumming, crystal singing bowls, shruti box, hang drum, flute, tambura, and other elemental textures, Jim Thomas (acupuncturist and musician), Paul Thomas (sound healer and musician), Pitz Quattrone (didgeridoo teacher, performer, and builder), and David Powell (musician) create together a powerful inner experience guided by sound and rhythm.


Firehouse Arts & Music
700 N. Eutaw Street 2nd Floor
Baltimore, MD 21201


More info:

Participants are asked to bring something comfortable to lie on (i.e. thick cushion or blankets), a warm covering, and a pillow. Eye shades and a water bottle are recommended as well.


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