FAMily FUNdraiser ~ Firehouse Arts & Music’s June Gathering

Firehouse Arts & Music‘s first official fundraiser will be at the Windup Space on 6/29/16!

We are manifesting the opening of our (/Your!) space in the Bromo-Seltzer Arts District later this year! The founders of the organization are providing their own capital and resources to fund FAM, though additional funds are needed in order to get the requisite insurance and licenses to open our doors!

Musicians, artists & speakers include:

Orchester Praževica and Daniel Wallace ~ Phill Celeste (of Life On Planets) ~ Hunter Hooligan ~ Jason Sage (of Telesma) & Molly Patricia Szpara ~ Archie Jamieson (of North Avenue Podcast) ~ Leelend Clayton ~Dani Baer ~ Will Shanklin ~ Harrison Lance Crawford ~ Lindsey Goldenand The Lindsey Golden Project ~ Hillary Moon ~ Daveed Korup & Jasaga David Sawyer ~ Rachel Szpara ~ Aliyah Johnson ~ Suntiger Visuals (John Suntiger) ~ Jenny Rodziewicz ~ Kathryn Carr ~ Jode Mode ~ Farida Shourbaji ~ Consider Yourself (Aminah Shourbaji) ~ Ayla Roda ~ Wynne Paris (of Lovelight Yoga & Arts Festival) ~ Tom Swiss ~ Scott Frias ~ The Art of Adam Scott Miller ~ Bill Tipper Photography ~ Josef Kardell ~ & more~

Happy Hour 7-8
Talks 8-9
9-the end- music!

We are so thankful to the performers and artists who have given their time during the previous events in the “Spark” series, and we hope you’ll join us on 6/29 to help us realize the vision and mission of FAM together!

~ Firehouse Arts & Music will be opening in the Bromo-Seltzer Arts District later this year. Until then, we will host events to spread the word that we’re coming. All talks are previews of the programs and classes to be held at F.A.M.

We’re excited to create with you, and create with Baltimore! Some beautiful, electric, eclectic collaborations and connections have formed at the last several F.A.M. events!

~ Sliding scale $5-$15 at the door ~


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